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Mubea Disc Spring Stacks and the Subsea Industry: Read the Full Article!

As a disc spring & belleville washer manufacturer, our products are made to meet the highest quality standards in the world. Disc springs can be commonly referred to as: belleville springs, belleville washers, spring washers and more. Our disc springs (belleville washers) are designed for a variety of applications including: valves, wind turbines, slip clutches, piston return springs, overload clutches, spring actuated brakes and more.

Mubea disc springs are manufactured in Daaden, Germany, combining extensive knowledge, modern quality control and more than four decades of experience. Built to quality standards you can depend on, our engineers have created belleville washers strong enough to withstand pressures of almost two miles below sea level, to satellites in space.

A list of standard Mubea disc spring part numbers can be found here.

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