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High-Quality Products. Engineering Strength.

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High-Quality Products. Engineering Strength.

As a disc spring & belleville washer manufacturer, Mubea products are made to meet the highest quality standards in the world!

Why Mubea Disc Springs?

Unmatched Quality.

  • Large loads can be delivered through a short movement or small space
  • Engineering support
  • Zinc phosphate & oiled for corrosion protection / additional coatings available
  • Tight raw material specifications
  • Increased fatigue life due to fine blanking & shot peening
  • Low set-loss in application due to 100% pre-setting
  • Defined production process
  • Produced to EN 16983 (DIN 2093) standard
  • ISO/TS 16949 Certified Manufacturer
  • Stocked warehouse in Florence, KY / JIT delivery


What our Customers Say

"Quality spring stacks: Very few issues relating to mis-stacked springs allows no in-coming product to be inspected. Stacks are greased and shrink wrapped which really makes our assembly easy and almost mess-free for our assemblers. Spring Calculator excel spreadsheet really makes life easier and more efficient for Product Engineers. We can quite quickly analyze various springs for force and life and qty. When more expertize is need though, Mubea engineers can also provide calculations and advice."

- Machine Tool Industry

"One word that best describes Mubea’s Disc Spring division is 'Reliability!' We see Mubea as a great team member that provides the same outstanding results every time we work together. Mubea has opened new avenues on how we use disc spring stacks within our new designs. We would recommend Mubea to other companies that are searching for quality disc spring coupled with excellent engineering design work and customer service support."

- Oil & Gas Industry

"MUBEA provides world-class knowledge and engineering support for their products. No matter how critical or severe the application, our engineering team knows it can rely on MUBEA to deliver a reliable, high quality product that surpasses the capability of any competitor. Anyone that's also looking for quality and success in a design should look right to MUBEA for a solution; other competitors simply don't have the know-how nor the experience."

- Valve Actuator Industry

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