About Mubea Disc Springs

headquarter-daaden_2Mubea is a family owned company with a high degree of flexibility and quick decision making capability. These decisions are focused around long-term and lasting company success. Mubea has greater than 13,000 employees in 30 offices and global production facilities. All Mubea belleville disc springs are manufactured in Daaden, Germany where they have been produced for more than 40 years, combining years of experience with updated quality control methods.  Mubea Incorporated keeps an extensive stock and sells the disc springs out of our Florence, KY plants to United States, Canada and Mexico.

Mubea disc springs are used in many types of applications.  These applications range from industrial applications, such as safety valve systems placed 3000 m below sea level, to satellites in outer space.

A team of highly qualified engineers will work to find individual solutions to every spring problem by utilizing ongoing development of technologies, creativity, and an innovative approach. In addition to the strong engineering support, testing requirements can also be met with our extremely well-equipped laboratories.

Product Range

Mubea’s disc springs are manufactured to EN 16983 (DIN 2093) specification and range in size from 8 mm to 800 mm outer diameter. Mubea also offers a new type of technology called our Generation II Disc Springs.  This new technology offers significant improvement in fatigue life while reducing diameter and assembly space. In addition to 51 CrV 4 (SAE 6150), Mubea stocks a variety of antimagnetic, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant materials for specialty designed applications.

Dependent upon spring thickness, blanks are manufactured by conventional stamping (Group 1), fine blanking (Group 2) or plasma arc/flame cutting (Group 3). High thickness springs are machined all over to remove surface imperfections. Depending on the requirement, disc springs can be heat-treated to achieve a martensite or bainite grain structure to extremely tight hardness tolerances. Shot-peening is performed on the parts to improve fatigue life. Phosphating and oiling is the standard corrosion protection and is done in house


Mubea maintains high internal production standards to ensure a good quality level and economic efficiency through vertical integration. Quality is a corporate commitment for Mubea with primary targets being continuous process improvement and a zero-defect mentality. To achieve these targets,  optimization of the current manufacturing processes are essential. In addition to the need for tight control of manufacturing and development is the need for a customer oriented approach. Through strong customer feedback, Mubea is able to meet its customer’s current and future needs. Our Disc Springs are produced according to DIN EN 16983/2093 . Standard Certificates held by Mubea are ISO 9001 , ISO/TS 16949 as well as ISO 14001. These certifications are annually audited by accredited certification bodies.


Due to their good recycling ability, Mubea products are already environmentally friendly. Mubea’s goal to increase the use of lightweight technology further supports the idea of environmental protection.