Oil & Gas

Disc Springs for Oil Industry


Subsea Valves & Actuators                               subsea valve actuator

More than 9000 spring stacks for large valve actuators.

Over 100,000 springs for small valve actuators.

More than 125 stacks for landing strings.

Hundreds of large Inconel springs for sub-surface valves.



Control & Safety Valve Actuators for Deepwater Subsea subsea disc spring stack




Trees, Manifolds & Jumpers

trees manifolds and jumpers     trees manifolds and jumpers      trees manifolds and jumpers   subsea valve springs

Surface Gate Valves, Control Valves, & Safety Valves


valves           valves                       valves

Wireline equipment

wireline equipment             wireline equipment              wireline

Drilling Motors, Turbines, Jars, Shock & Fishing Tools, Downhole


drilling tool               drilling tool                   drilling tool               drilling tool           drilling tool


Safety Brakes for Drawworks, Mobile & Drilling Rigs, Winches, Hose Reel Stations, Capillary Injector Heads, Cable Spooling Units

safety brakes safety brakes safety brakes safety brakes safety brakes safety brakes


Disc Spring Stacks vs. Coil Springs

  • High spring load with small spring deflection
  • Better space utilization than with other spring types
  • High fatigue life and low creep tendency with correct dimensioning
  • Disc springs allow nearly any kind of characteristic curve
  • Modular construction: Different combinations of disc springs show different characteristic curves including parallel stack and series stack

Advantages of Mubea Disc Springs

  • Engineering & designing assistance
  • Raw material from own cold rolling mill up to 6mm
  • Own tooling shop
  • Complete inhouse-production from raw material to finished disc spring
  • Shot peening as a standard process for increased fatigue life
  • Customer oriented service (e.g. stack pre-assembling)
  • Special material for specific applications
  • Various protective coating
  • Own test laboratory
  • Self-centering stacks do not need any additional guiding. They reduce friction and are applicable for disc spring dimensions greater than 200 mm OD

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