Slotted Belleville Springs

Slotted Belleville slotted disc spring transmissionsprings
are commonly used as piston return springs for clutches in automatic, CVT, and dual clutch transmissions. The disc springs serve to hold back and return the clutch pistons. These compensate for wear on the friction plates and can serve as a cushion spring. Slotted disc springs are predominantly used for automatic transmissions.

They are capable of providing the highest spring return forces in the smallest environment. These types of springs also help minimize the overall size and weight of the transmission when compared to a conventional coil type spring. The load characteristics can be designed to meet the specific load and calibration requirements of each application.

Mubea’s advanced production processing allows us to produce springs with tight load tolerances (<+/-5%) and increased fatigue life in order to meet the most stringent demands of the transmissions.

Parking Brake

                          parking brake

Overload Clutches

Mubea’s disc springs are ideally suited for overload clutches. The disc springs are pre-loaded to achieve a certain torque through the clutch. Once the torque limitation is overcome, the ball bearings will slide out of position, causing the disc springs to be loaded further. This will discontinue the transmission of torque.


Slip Clutch

Mubea Disc Springs is committed to providing the highest quality belleville disc springs to be used in slip clutches. Their purpose is to apply axial force on clutch plates. As the clutch plates wear, disc springs provide a constant force by adjusting on their force curve. Because near constant force is desired during the wear of the clutch plates, slotted disc springs are often used due to their flatter load curve characteristics.

Applications include

  • Motor vehiclesslip clutch thumb
  • Plant construction
  • Machine construction

Mubea offers superior quality, EN 16983 (DIN 2093) compliant disc springs for use in slip clutches to the automotive industry, machinists and the plant construction industry.


Seat Adjustment

Disc springs are used to compensate for production tolerances of fittings, ensuring proper backrest  adjustment.


seat springseat spring


Drum Brakes 

The spring stack is compressed for shock absorption resulting from changes in load. An example of this is sudden jerking of a trailer during pulling. This jerking  can be caused by changes in the angle of the road.

drum brakes

Door Hinges for Car Doors

A preloaded stack of disc springs forces a steel ball into a spherical indentation, locking the car door in position. Various types of spherical indentations are required on different types of door hinges


door hinges

Gas Pressure Actuated Shock Absorber

The disc spring serves as a spring cushion and positive stop for the working cylinder.    gas pressure actuated shock absorber

Suspension of Diesel Motor Foundations

Suspension of rotating and oscillating masses. Disc springs are used as motor mounts for large diesel engines, such as in trains.


diesel suspension


Gears for Sunroofs

A disc spring is used in the gear of a sun roof. It ensures that the axial pressure on the safety clutch friction pads is equal.

gears for sunroofs gears for sunroofs


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