Automatic Transmission Disc Springs (Spring Washers)

Slotted Belleville Springs

slotted-disc-springsSlotted Belleville springs
are commonly used as piston return springs for clutches in automatic, CVT, and dual clutch transmissions. They are capable of providing the highest spring return forces in the smallest environment. These types of springs also help minimize the overall size and weight of the transmission when compared to a conventional coil type spring. The load characteristics can be designed to meet the specific load and calibration requirements of each application.

Cushion Springs

wave-type-cushion-springIn applications where shift comfort is critical, cushion springs are often included as part of the transmission clutch assembly. Both Belleville disc springs and wave type springs are used for cushion spring applications. Wave type cushion springs are most commonly used as they typically are lighter than a Belleville type cushion spring. Most commonly used is the wavy type cushion spring. Cushion springs can be provided with either a linear or dual spring rates.

Mubea Advanced Production Process

Mubea’s advanced production processing allows us to produce springs with tight load tolerances (<+/-5%) and increased fatigue life in order to meet the most stringent demands of the transmissions of today and tomorrow.