Piston Return Disc Springs (Spring Washers)

piston-returnMubea manufactures top of the line disc springs or disc spring stacks used in piston return springs. They will return a hydraulically actuated piston to its original position after hydraulic pressure is released.  Tolerance stack ups and component wear are compensated for by the flat load characteristic in the springs operating range. The use of disc springs results in consistently smooth shifting.

Piston Return Disc Spring Applications:

  • Off road and automotive transmissions
  • Hydraulic actuated cylinder manufacturers
  • Heating and cooling facilities
  • Chemical plants
  • Industrial actuators

Committed to quality, Mubea’s complete product line is EN 16983 (DIN 2093) compliant. Contact the sales staff at Mubea today to learn more about our disc springs and disc spring stacks to be used in piston return springs.