Wind Turbines

wind turbineMubea Disc Springs are used in the safety brakes for the turbines in the wind energy market. These brakes are used to stop the rotation of the turbine when not in use. Another possible application for belleville disc springs in the turbines is to support the generator. For this application, two spring stacks are used to compensate for uneven loading of the generator. This uneven loading is a result of torque generated from the load input.

Power Plants

Our high quality Mubea spring stacks are often used in the construction of power stations. Backed by more than 40 years of ingenious German engineering, our disc spring stacks can be used for boiler suspension systems to compensate for bearing surface deflections. The assemblies guarantee even lowering of the boiler with fluctuations in load due to thermal expansion.

Applications include:

  • Production facilities
  • Boiler construction
  • Incinerating plants
  • Desulphurization plants

Power Station Diagrams


power station diagram     power station design

Energy Storage for Safety Systems

energy storage sourceBelleville disc springs are used in hydraulic spring mechanisms as an energy storage source as part of Mubea’s heavy-duty disc spring stacks. The system pressure compresses the spring stack when the switch is open. If the system should suffer a hydraulic pressure loss, the spring stack unloads, closing the switch. This technology is often used by manufacturers of electric control units.

All of Mubea’s disc spring stacks are EN 16983 (DIN 2093) compliant, and are an excellent way to store energy for safety systems.




Transformers with Insulators

The disc springs dampen vibrations between the transformer and insulator (which originate from the transmission line).transformers with insulators disc springs in insulator

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