spring actuated brakes

Spring Actuated Brakes

Mubea disc springs are often used in spring actuated brakes. The springs are used as a fail-safe braking mechanism and actuate under the circumstance of power loss in the system. The springs are compressed under normal operation of the equipment, leaving the break open. In the event of power lost the spring stack will release and activate the break.

Areas of application include:

  • Elevators used to transport people
  • Industrial elevator manufacturers

Manufactured to quality standards you can depend on, all of Mubea’s product line is EN 16983 (DIN 2093) compliant.

cableway grip

Cableway Grip

In cableways the disc spring stack generates clamping force between the cable grip and wire cable. There are two possibilities of clamping:

1.) A fixed connection: The disc spring stack is assembled with a fixed length or a constant load. The stack
compensates for deformations of the wire cable. The load is static.

.2.) A coupling connection: The disc spring stack can be opened or closed in a railway station. The load is dynamic.

continuous flow boiler

Continuous Flow Boiler

Spring stacks are used for boiler suspension systems. The spring assemblies compensate for deflections of the bearing surfaces. This guarantees even movement of the boiler resulting from thermal expansion.

cable clamp stations

Cable Clamp Stations

The disc springs preload the conveyer belt or cable in order to maintain even cable tension.

electric smelting furnaces

Electric Smelting Furnaces

The electrode is held by the spring stack. During the activation of the electrode, the spring stack is hydraulically loaded and electrodes are displaced. To shut it off, the hydraulic pressure is reduced and the spring stack unloads, causing the electrode to close.

Pipeline Thermal Compensation

In pipelines, thermal expansion in a vertical and horizontal direction frequently occurs. Through the use of the disc springs, the expansion is compensated for, and the stress in the pipeline is reduced.

suspended foundationsSuspended Foundations

Disc springs are used to cushion the foundations of lattice masts, houses, etc.  This application is especially applied in earthquake prone regions.

sprinkler heads

Sprinkler Heads

The disc spring is bonded with a Teflon film and functions both as a water seal and a load input. The spring applies constant pressure on the glass module until the module is broken. Once broken, water flow is open.

Ship Deck Support

The disc springs offset deflection and warping of ship decks. This is needed to equally distribute forces on the slide bearing.

spring loaded print rollers

Spring Loaded Print Rollers

.Disc springs are recommended for the suspension of the print rollers.  This is needed to achieve even print results when paper of various weights is used.


Bridge Support

All long spanning construction elements, such as bridges are prone to natural oscillation. Through the use of disc springs, these oscillations can be reduced.

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