Disc Spring Calculator Tool

Please follow the instructions below for using Mubea Disc Spring’s Calculator Tool.

If you have additional questions or require assistance, please contact:

Richard Dieterlen
Product Engineer

How to use Mubea Disc Spring’s Calculator Tool

1. Download the Excel version of theĀ Disc Spring Calculation Program.

(NOTE: Remove security settings prior to downloading to allow macros to run.)

2. With the program open, navigate to the second tab located at the bottom of the document named ‘Standard’


*You can also navigate to the ‘Extras’ tab to find additional products from Mubea.

3. From here, you can browse through the columns to find your selection, including Product Number, De, Di, t, etc.mubea-step-3

In this example, we have chosen the Product Number ‘170010’


4. With the cell selected, press the grey box at the top of the chart.



5. You will be taken to the first tab of the document, where the charts will adjust to your selection



6. With this interactive program, you can continue to make adjustments and print the information from the program.

You can also download our Calculation Program Manual for further instructions.

Disc Spring Calculation Program Manual