High Performance Generation II Disc Springs

Mubea is abelleville washer spring stack mubea disc springsble to offer our Generation II disc springs technology. Generation II technology allows the disc springs to operate at higher stress levels than standard Belleville disc springs, providing higher durability and or reduced overall size.

Advantages of Gen II Disc Springs

Mubea’s Generation II disc springs offer a number of distinct advantages over the current Belleville spring lines. These advantages include:


Gen II Disc Springs vs. Conventional Disc Springs

Why Choose Generation II?

Whether it is increased fatigue life or an overall system size reduction that is desired, Mubea Generation II disc springs are able to offer significant improvements over the current Belleville spring technology. Generation II springs can extend fatigue lives up to a factor of 10 times when compared to standard Belleville springs. If size is the constraint, by using Generation II technology the outer diameter of a standard Belleville springs can be reduced by up to 10%. If increased stroke is the target, travel of an individual Belleville spring or Belleville spring stack can be increased by as much as 40%. If overall assembly space needs to be reduced, Generation II technology allows for a reduction of total required assembly space of up to 20% over the standard Belleville spring line. By utilizing one or a combination of the advantages listed above, Generation II disc spring technology can be used to create an overall system advantage by reducing system size, weight, and cost.


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