What is a Belleville Disc Spring?
A Belleville Disc Spring is a coned shape washer that works as a spring. Their conical configuration enables them to support high loads with relatively small deflections and solid heights.

What type of applications use Belleville Disc Springs?
Belleville Disc Springs are most often used in applications to solve vibration, thermal expansion, relaxation and bolt creep problems.

Does Mubea keep stock of Belleville Disc Springs?
Yes, Mubea has over 300 different sizes of Belleville Disc Springs in stock located in Florence, KY.

Is Mubea certified?
Yes, Mubea is ISO/TS certified.

Where are you located?
Mubea has 50 locations in 20 countries with headquarters in Daaden, Germany and US operations in Florence, KY.

Are Material Certifications and Certificates of Conformances available?
Yes, we can offer both Material Certifications and Certificates of Conformances with purchase.

Does Mubea accept credit cards?
Yes, Mubea accepts Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.

Where can I find you standard parts list on the Website?

Regarding Mubea’s standard steel material, what is the difference between 50CrV4 and 51Crv4?
The German designation for this material was originally named 50CrV4, but now according to the European standard EN 10132-4, the designation for DIN 1.8159 material is universally understood as 51CrV4 – same material, different name. It is also the DIN equivalent to AISI 6150.

Still have more questions about Mubea Disc Springs?
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Thank you for your interest in Mubea Disc Springs!