Antimagnetic Materials

With antimagnetic materials such as antimagnetic disc springs, precipitation hardening supplies the strength to these non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant disc spring materials.

CuBe 2 (DIN 2.1247)
CuBe 2 is precipitation-hardened copper-beryllium alloy that can be used at severely low temperatures. This alloys low modulus of elasticity enables the disc spring material to generate a significantly lower spring force when compared to other various materials. In addition, it has good electrical conductivity.
NiBe 2 (DIN 2.4132)
NiBe 2 is suitable for use at elevated temperatures. In addition, the disc springs may be exposed, for brief moments (roughly about 1 hour), to temperatures approximately 100 °C higher than those listed in (Table 5.1) without disturbing their properties.
Antimagnetic Disc Spring Materials
Application profileMaterial DesignationDIN Material NumberMax. Material Thickness (mm)Operating Temperature Range (°C)Typical Application
Antimagnetic and Corrosion-ResistantCuBe 2
NiBe 2
-250 to 150
-200 to 350
Electrical equipment, low-temperature applications, superconductors, satellites