High Temperature Materials

High temperature belleville washers and  those disc springs required to function at high temperatures use a variety of precipitation-hardened materials from the nickel-base alloys group.

Typical Applications

  • Boilers
  • Industrial Furnaces & Ovens
  • Chemical Industry

The high temperature springs are vastly ductile and exhibit very high fatigue strength. The lower tensile strength and adverse elastic limit – tensile strength ratio are important when designing disc springs made of high temperature material. If ignored, a high degree of setting loss is potential. An upper operating temperature limit is not viable to indicate and the overall spring height lessens under load due to creep.

The tangible level of creep is a function of temperature, time and stress.

For example, a disc spring can be used at higher temperatures if either a lower load is applied or the duration at the higher temperature is minimal.

High Temperature Materials

Disc springs produced with thermally stable materials can be used at temperatures approximately 150 °C higher than those acknowledged in. High temperature materials generally have long lead times from the steel mills and are typically very expensive.


High Temperature Materials for Disc Spring Material
Application profileMaterial designationDIN Material numberMax. material thickness (mm)Operating temperature range (°C)Typical application
High temperatureInconel 718
Inconel X 750
-200 to 500
-200 to 500
Boilers, industrial furnaces and ovens, chemical industry