Standard Materials

Ck 67 (DIN 1.1231)
Ck 67 is the most inexpensive spring steel for low stress applications, but is no longer used by Mubea for Group 1 belleville disc springs.
51 CrV 4 (DIN 1.8159)
51 CrV 4 is the most regularly used disc spring material. 51 CrV 4 offers the best spring characteristics in the temperature range of – 15 °C to + 150 °C, due to high alloy content. The low end of the temperature spectrum can reach – 25 °C, if a reduction of durability is permissible. The high end of the spectrum can reach+ 200 °C, with hot presetting of the material. In addition, the 51 CrV 4 material has a lower level of relaxation than non-alloy steels.
51 CrMoV 4 (DIN 1.7701)
51 CrMoV 4 has comparable material characteristics to 51 CrV 4. The addition of molybdenum (Mo) enables disc springs with a thickness up to 40 mm to be easily through hardened. The 51 CrMoV 4 material is more apt for applications with a operating temperature range of 0 °C to -20 °C, due to its higher ductility than 51 CrV 4.
Application ProfileMaterial DesignationDIN Material NumberMax Material Thickness (mm)Operating Temperature Range (°C)Typical Application
Standard MaterialCk 671.12311.25-10 to 100Plant construction, machine tools
51 CrV 41.815925-20 to 150Automotive
High Material Thickness51 CrMoV 41.770140-20 to 150Plant construction

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