Belleville Disc Spring vs. Coil Spring…which one do I use?

belleville disc spring vs coil spring

A Coil Spring is a mechanical device made of an elastic material formed into the shape of a helix.

A Belleville Disc Spring looks like a washer, but has a spring-like capability due to their conical design.

Coil Springs and Belleville Disc Springs function similarly. Both products, when compressed, produce potential energy. The springs return to their original position after the load is lifted and the energy is released.

Although these two types of springs function similarly, Mubea Disc Spring stacks have effectively replaced coil springs in many applications. The design of the Belleville Disc Spring gives it the ability to support a very high spring load, but still has a small spring deflection as opposed to the Coil Spring’s functionality. The Disc Spring stack has better space utilization, and can be designed to allow nearly any kind of characteristic curve. Another advantage of choosing a Belleville Disc Spring stack over a Coil Spring is when you are considering the fatigue life of the springs. If breakages occur, the price to replace one spring within the stack is much more cost effective than if you were to replace the whole coil.

Mubea has specialized in the manufacturing of Belleville Disc Springs for many years, beginning with the production of the primary material in the cold-rolling mill on to design. Mubea stocks many different material types in order to satisfy our customer’s requirements.

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