Specialized Disc Springs for use in the Machine Tool Industry

What’s New at Mubea Disc Springs?

Application: disc spring stack installed in the machine spindle, used to provide the clamping force that holds the cutting tool.

Starting in 2016, Mubea has begun serial production of specialized disc springs which are designed for use in the Machine Tool industry. These specialized springs are produced with a machined inner diameter, whose geometry is optimized to provide very tight dimensional tolerances and reduced friction during operation.

machine tool industry mubea disc springs

Beyond offering this optimized geometry for the spring’s inner diameter, Mubea can also produce these disc springs using our patented GEN II deep rolling process. By imparting higher levels of compressive residual stresses into the part, this process step allows the spring to operate at much higher stress levels compared to our competitors’ standard shot-peened springs. In some cases, the result can be as dramatic as extending the fatigue life of the spring stack up to 10 times compare to a shot-peened spring stack.

The end result for machine tool clamping applications:

  1. Increased fatigue life
  2. Reduced installation space
  3. A reduction in unbalanced forces seen within the rotating spindle

Contact Mubea Disc Springs today for more information on these specialized disc springs for the machine tool industry. Mubea disc springs (belleville washers) have been produced for more than 40 years. Mubea combines years of experience with updated quality control methods.

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