Mubea Pride

Mubea Pride

Mubea Disc Springs is proud to be recognized as a disc spring manufacturer meeting the highest quality standards in the world.

Mubea is also proud of the accomplishments of the “Mubea helps” Foundation!

Customers acknowledge Mubea’s performance

Mubea Fahrwerksfedern GmbH proudly received the Innovation Award 2018 from Mercedes-Benz Cars at the Daimler Supplier event for their outstanding lightweight activities for coil springs, stabilizer bars and GFRP leaf springs.

General Motors announced that Mubea Transmission Disc Springs Florence earned their prestigious award – Supplier of the Year.

Flamm Aerotec has received the award as “Airbus Top Supplier”; for the third time in a row in the top category “D2P Class B Global”.

The GMB Supplier Quality Excellence Award was presented to Mubea do Brasil for the fifth time.

Mubea Helps Foundation

In Germany, US and China the Mubea Helps organization is sustainably implemented and we are proud to see the engagement and the creative ideas to jointly support the education of children in the area of our locations. In Mexico, Czech Republic and India the structures of the Mubea Helps organizations are established and the first initiatives are starting. The global development aid initiative for Africa is making very good progress. It is great to see how many lives we can improve with our joint support.

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