Recoil Rebound Partners with Mubea’s Disc Spring Division

recoil rebound mubeaChuck Coffman from the company Recoil Rebound was looking for a manufacturer of quality Belleville Disc Spring Washers. That’s when a local machine shop owner recommended he call Mubea. When we received the phone call we were eager to assist Chuck in his search for the optimal Belleville Disc Spring Washers for the different spring and rod assemblies. We discussed how to use Mubea’s online Disc Spring Calculator to configure the force of a stack in various combinations. Upon finding the correct configuration we were able to send samples of several different sizes to Chuck for testing. What we generated was a perfect match, and he quickly started ordering more Belleville Disc Spring Washers.

Until he contacted Mubea, the launching of this new product was full of challenges as the competitors’ parts were not consistent, and he found Mubea to have tighter tolerances. Mubea was the optimal choice for Chuck and his product since we were able to offer better tolerances and abundant on-hand availability. He has the ability to be more aggressive with his applications since he has confidence in knowing that every batch of Disc Spring Washers produced will still properly fit the guide rods. He knows Mubea is there for him to provide the quality he needs the first time around allowing him to focus on the growth of his business. Recoil Rebound has become a great customer and we enjoy being a part of his success.

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